Introduction to Litter


When we think about the word litter, we generally think about bags of rubbish being left lying about. Whilst this aspect of litter is of concern within some areas of Gibraltar, there are other forms of litter which also need to be considered.

As stated in the Gibraltar Litter Control Act Regulations (1990):

If any person throws down, drops or otherwise deposits in, into or from any place, or leaves anything whatsoever in such circumstances as to cause, or contribute to, or tend to lead to, the defacement by litter of any place in the open air, he/she shall be guilty of an offence.

The Gibraltar Litter Control Act Regulations (1990) defines two types of litter:

"Dangerous litter" means litter which, by reason of its size, volume, nature or the place in which it has been thrown down, dropped or deposited, could constitute an obstruction or a danger or a health hazard.

"Litter" means anything whatsoever if it is thrown down, dropped or otherwise deposited in, into or from any place being a free public open place or a litter control area.

The amount specified within the regulations in respect of the fixed penalty notice issued under Section 6 of the Act is:

Where the fixed penalty notice relates to dangerous litter, the fine is £250.

Where the fixed penalty notice is issued in respect of litter, the fine is £70.


Forms of litter which affect the streets of Gibraltar include:


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Further information can also be obtained from the Litter Committee Leaflet 2013